Important Webinar for California Baby Boomers

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

You are cordially invited to join your host, Lars Larsen and Jamie Cabrera, for a special webinar as we discuss important topics for those in or nearing retirement! You won't want to miss it!

We'll cover the following important topics to help baby boomers maximize their Social Security benefits.

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  • What's new for Social Security in 2021.
  • Claiming strategies & planning techniques to help you get the most out of your Social Security benefits.
  • Taxation of benefits: How to avoid paying too much in tax.
  • Filing options based on your marital status.
  • How Social Security ties into your overall retirement plan.
  • Common filing mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Survivor Benefits - What they are and how they work.
  • And much more!

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Professional Insight

Actionable Next Steps

This webinar combines two empowering elements:

Instruction from a knowledgeable professional, in an engaging, easy-to-understand format 

An opportunity to receive a plan for retirement income that can help you decide the best time to take Social Security benefits.


Lars Larsen | President & Founder Jamie Cabrera | Vice President

Since 2003, Lars has been committed to providing a personalized, caring approach with his clients, providing stability, promoting financial well-being and protecting their legacies. As a Financial Planner and Investment Advisor, Lars is a Fiduciary providing objective advice, working solely for his clients.

Born in Denmark, Lars applies a blend of the best of Scandinavian and American values when it comes to his marriage to Jamie, raising his son Daniel and daughter Bella, as well as managing his business. Being raised in a highly taxed country with a social safety net, he realized early on the concerns of so many Americans regarding their retirement income. This helped shape the focus and philosophy of Heritage Financial North. His approach to planning is from a holistic perspective, which includes wealth management, retirement income planning, legacy planning and long-term care planning.

Outside of the office, Lars enjoys hiking with the family, running and spent many years practicing Japanese Jujitsu where he holds a black belt. The qualities of respect, discipline and integrity have greatly influenced Lars’ life, including his views on financial matters. In Jujitsu, one trains to be prepared for an opponents every move and learns use them to one’s advantage. Same goes for our financial lives: We cannot predict the future, but we can plan so we’re prepared for the surprises life - and the economy - might present.

Jamie co-founded Heritage Financial North and has been in the financial industry since 2004. She was born in Chile and as the daughter of aging immigrant parents, she has experienced firsthand the detriment of having parents who did not plan for their retirement and the financial pressure it creates for the adult children. Her own personal experience is why she is so committed to assisting families put their retirement, long-term care, financial and estate plan in place BEFORE it is needed.

She has a great passion for helping to establish reliability and stability for her clients in these challenging times. She is very compassionate to the difficulties of aging without knowing how you will be able to retire with a predictable strategy. She has many senior clients that are still working way past their retirement years simply because they didn’t plan and have no other choice.

As a member of the “sandwich generation” she truly understands what it is like to juggle work, marriage, plan for retirement all the while raising small children AND financially assisting her parents. Her compassion translates into the relationship with her clients and treats them like an extension of her own family.

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By providing your information, you give consent to be contacted about the possible sale of an insurance, securities or annuity product. Licensed Insurance Professional. Attend and learn how annuities and life insurance can be used in various stages of planning for retirement income. This material has been prepared for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, accounting, legal, tax or investment advice. The presenter can provide information, but not advice related to social security benefits. Clients should seek guidance from the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. The presenter may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps and may introduce insurance products, such as an annuity, as a potential solution. Social Security benefit payout rates can and will change at the sole discretion of the Social Security Administration. For more information, please consult a local Social Security Administration office, or visit

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